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Quality & Safety


Construction is a notoriously dangerous industry.  The key to succeed here is safety, to ensure delivering on our craft with pride and respect.

ProGO has a fully functioning Safety System that is focused on practical on-site safety. The system has been certified as NQA ISO 45001 and ISO 14000 compliant with ProGO being certified under these international standards. This system manages the following activities:

  1. Shop Fabrication in own facilities

  2. Site work activities

  3. Service Provider management

  4. Safety file management

  5. Risk Management


ProGO currently has a green status under the Sasol Service Provider Safety Assessment system.

ProGO has an Integrated Management system which was audited and certified by NQA a Global certification company ( ) and was subsequently certified on ISO 9001.

The key concepts of our IMS (Integrated Management System) are the following:

  • We have an Integrated Quality Management System build around our workforce

  • An easy-to-understand process approach and fit for purpose outcomes.

  • Effective communication throughout the company

  • Closing the loop successfully via the Non conformances

  • Technical Expertise

  • Building relationships through customer satisfaction

  • Visible Leadership

  • Product understanding and control thereof

  • Adaptable system to meet client needs

  • Before, during after job (checklists) planning and execution throughout the process

  • Efficient planning and management system

  • Innovation and Automation

  • Recognition Schemes

  • Tracking, monitoring and measurement of client Key performance indicators correctively

  • Identifiable and Traceable System

  • Internal Audit process with is fully adapted to ISO19011:2018

Our Quality System

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